About the Company

Meet the Founders: Kweli Miraj and Juma Shee.

Mbega Safaris Limited was founded by two dynamic youthful members of Kwale County in the Southern Region of Kenya: Kweli Miraj and Juma Shee. Bonded by a shared passion for travel and a desire to make a difference, they serve as the visionary directors of the company.

Visionaries with a Purpose

Kweli and Juma are not just entrepreneurs; they are dreamers with a purpose. Their shared vision for Mbega Safaris extends beyond simply providing travel services. They see the company as a vehicle for creating meaningful change in coastal communities and beyond.

A Shared Passion for Travel

Growing up in the vibrant landscapes of Kwale County, Kweli and Juma developed a deep appreciation for nature, culture, and adventure. Their shared experiences ignited a passion for travel and exploration, which ultimately led them to establish Mbega Safaris.

Directors Leading the Way

As directors of Mbega Safaris Limited, Kweli and Juma are at the helm, guiding the company towards its mission of making travel accessible and impactful. Their innovative ideas, combined with their dedication to community development, drive the company forward.

A Vision for Growth and Impact

Kweli and Juma envision Mbega Safaris growing into a leading force in the travel industry, serving a larger purpose beyond just tourism. They believe that by expanding their reach and influence, they can play a significant role in alleviating poverty and promoting sustainable development in the regions they operate.

Join Us in Creating Change

With Kweli and Juma leading the way, Mbega Safaris Limited and Travel Team Africa invite you to join us on a journey of exploration, adventure, and impact. Together, we can make a difference while experiencing the beauty and diversity of Africa and beyond.

Experience the passion and purpose of travel with Mbega Safaris - where every journey counts.!